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Hi. Welcome to my world. I’m so glad our paths have crossed today and I hope this path leads us to a more intimate introduction in the very near future. But for now, allow me to tell you a little about myself:

My name is SoCal Cameron and I am everything my name suggests and more. Life is such an interesting and exciting journey, taking us to so many different places, bringing us so many amazing people, and giving us experiences that we’ll never forget; Experiences that so deeply touch us that we have to come back for more again and again. This is where you’ll find me.

I am a world traveler with an adventurous and daring soul. Having lived abroad in some of the most exotic and culturally rich places this world has to offer, I have sought to find other adventurous souls who share my passions. As a result, I have found friends of all races, religions and cultural backgrounds. Our experiences together have only fueled my appetite for the different cultures of this fascinating world.

The most important thing to me is the inexplicable and inescapable connection two rare people sometimes share. I hope we find that we have that connection. I am open minded and withhold judgment to anyone seeking something more out of this life. Respect is something I find absolutely necessary in any successful relationship. And to say the least, I am caring, loving, honest, and trustworthy.

What I find incredibly attractive is a sharp wit and humor. I love sarcasm. Not taking myself too seriously, I love to laugh and sometimes can be a total goofball. I understand the stress and chaos of our normal day to day lives and I seek an escape from that madness as much as you do. Our time together will take us far from that world to a place we can live truly carefree letting our passions run wild. I love and live for that moment: That place in time where we can find our intimacy together. And when the moment is passed and we are no longer together, we won’t be tied down by the obligations so many other relationships require in our normal lives. True freedom.

During those in between times, you will find me outside enjoying all the beauty San Diego and this southern California weather allows. My body needs to move and be active and express itself! I believe in living a healthy life physically as well as spiritually and emotionally. I practice yoga daily and it gives me a peaceful ease that allows my passions to run wild. It also gives my body the strength, flexibility  and suppleness needed to make our time together unforgettable. What better expression of passion and freedom could there be than two bodies touching each other without fear of judgment?

I am selective about who I spend my time with and do consider myself exclusive. And so I hope that you share my beliefs and desires. If you do and we have that strong spontaneous connection, out time together will be like no other. It will bring us back together again and again. I love lasting relationships that deepen with every meeting. I want us to get to know each other on so many levels.

I am here to live, to learn and most importantly to love. Always.

besos amor!! 
SoCalheart Cameron

SoCal Cameron - San Diego - America's Finest City


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SoCal Cameron - San Diego - America's Finest City

Elite Companion


Personal Hygiene

A shower is necessary before any activities. My facilities are always available for your convenience. 

Donation Best Practices

Please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the appointment where it is visible to me.

Appointment Duration

Whatever your length of appointment time, please be aware I'm not a clock watcher, but I will notice if you stay longer then your scheduled time. Please be respectful and don't wait for me to ask you to leave. If you want to stay longer and I have no other obligations we can discuss a longer appointment.

Cancellation Policy

A $200 deposit via PayPal to secure ALL appointment regarless of the amount of time booked. If I cancel I will refund you 100% within 24 hours. If you cancel regardless of the amount of time booked or advanced notice, you forfit your deposit. If you cancel within 48 hours you will be required to pay 100% of the time you have booked immediately. 

Reference Requirements

I pride myself on being prompt with all emails and references should you need one ASAP,  however, your last appointment needs to be within 4 months. I'm also upfront with the ladies, so please be on your best behavior and have dazzling hygiene. You are given ONE reference per meeting within 4 months. If you happen to need another reference I would be happy to help with a $100 PayPal.

Time & Companionship Disclaimer

Understand that as a high end escort you are making a donation for my time only. Nothing is guaranteed or contracted. I DO NOT offer a list of services I provide. Asking will terminate all communication as I won't see us a good fit. 

Connect with Me

If you would like to get to know more about me and see candid pics please follow me on Twitter or check out my feed.


Appointments under 3 hours require a $210 NON-REFUNDABLE (if you cancel) deposit via PayPal to secure your time. Appointments 3 hours + require a 50% deposit. You will not be on my calendar until your deposit has been posted and paid regardless of the amount of time you book. FMTY (Fly Me To You) will require a higher deposit depending on the duration and location. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make the deposit. If you are more comfortable purchasing a Visa/MC/Amex card to make this payment this is also a option. Excuses about making the deposit will terminate all communication as I won't see us as a good fit. Please subtract the deposit from the total amount. I prefer the difference be paid in cash at the beginning of our time. If other arrangments need to be made  please advice before our time. 

What if your deposit is a SCAM???

I decided to explain my deposit for the clients that think I am interested in stealing your money. First and foremost, I don't steal. Second, I am giving you the option of making this transaction via PayPal as a "purchasing good or services" so you are given protection from PayPal. Since I will incur a 3% fee for this type of transaction I will make the deposit amount higher to offset this fee. The new deposit amount is $210. If you are not provided your "service" you can take this up w PayPal and be refunded and my account will be terminated or suspended. Since I wil not be scamming you don't need to worry but I wanted to clarify to put your mind at ease. Hopefully you will still be interested in booking with me and having the time of your LIFE!

Screening Requirements

I now require your employment information as well as a picture of your drivers license (I just need your name, picture and expiration date), Linkedin, work wesbite(if applicable). If you have references as well please provde there info. I only acept references from ladies who have a website, social media and on a verification site. If your references do not have this info they are not considered a reputable reference and not valid. Regardless if you have references or not I still require employment UNLESS you have multiple (minimum 2), recent references(within the last 6 months) from ladies on PREFERRED411. 

Tours & Prebooking

Unfortunately I am unable to accommodate new clients with last minute booking requests as I see this being too chaotic plus your deposit must be paid before I can confirm. I will not be toring as much any longer. If you are interested in seeing me in your city, a fly me to you might be an option if I have availability in my schedule. 


Please have respect/consideration while communicating with me. Provide all info in your initial email or sumit the contact form. I don't respond to emails with missing appointment info such as are you available, what my donation is or where my locaiton is. If you have a quick question please feel free to reach out but keep in mind I am busy and don't have patience for stupidity. 







SoCal Cameron - San Diego - America's Finest City



InCall OutCall

1.5hr minimum 

$1,200 $1,200
2hr (minimum first appointment duration)(minimum for couples x's 1.5) $1,500 $1,500
3hr (minimum for OC)(must include public time) $2,000 $2,000
4hr (minimum for LA + $500 travel fee)(lunch/dinner date) $2,500  $2,500
6-8hr(fly me to you)(ALL expenses paid in advance by you & 50% deposit) $5,000 $5,000
overnight (up to 12 hr) $7,000 $7,000
24hr $8,000 $8,000
48hr $10,000 $10,000
72hr $12,000 $12,000


Please see etiquette section 

Deposit Requirements:

Fly me to you must include first-class airfare, hotel and a 50% deposit. 
ALL APPOINTMENTS REQUIRE A $210 *NON-REFUNDABLE* deposit to secure the date. If I cancel you will be refunded. 3 hours+ require 50% deposit. 
Passport Ready!

SoCal Cameron - San Diego - America's Finest City

Elite Companion


I love to receive gifts! heart However, they are not necessary. But for those super generous... 


You will see fresh ones in my home daily. Any and all varieties are welcome :)


A nice bottle of wine is always wonderful to share! I enjoy most wines but especially dry whites or white blends and if red I pretty much love them all especially pinot noir and cabs. 


I'm a 34c,  xs bottom and small top

  • Agent Provocateur
  • Honey Birdette
  • Bordelle


Size 7/7.5 or 37/37.5

  • Christian Louboutin
  • Gucci
  • Frye
  • Pedro García
  • Rag & Bone
  • Nike

Since I am at the gym most of the time I love these brands...

I'm a small top or size 4 and size XS/S bottom or size 4

  • Lululemon
  • Equinox gift cards 
  • Alo yoga 
  • Koral

Big box stores

  • Nordstroms
  • Target


  • Four Seasons
  • Fairmont
  • Ritz Carlton
  • The London LA
  • NYC
  • Expedia

And for the big spender

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermes
  • Intermix
  • Rolex

I also love new toys we can play with during our date! Visa/MC/AMex gift cards are always easy breezy too! 


SoCal Cameron - San Diego - America's Finest City

Elite Companion


I'm thrilled that you're interested in meeting!

For my safety, all new friends must be screened prior to scheduling. To request an appointment, please use my secure booking form below or contact me through Preferred 411

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SoCal Cameron - San Diego - America's Finest City